Surfer painting


Surfer on the wave. Original painting on canvas. Colors :: Orange and blue only. The french touch!

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Surfer painting, in a modern composition.

This original artwork was made in acrylic on canvas.

Surfer on the wave.


To start a little word on surf art: Surf art is a visual art related to surfing, waves and the culture that surrounds the beaches. There is a close link between art and surf culture, which dates back 3000 years in Peru, where some of the world’s first historians carved surfers’ bas-reliefs. However, the intersection of the fields of surfing and art now extends far beyond the art of documenting life. Today, art incorporates graffiti, advertisements and everyday objects, and surfing is as much about clothes, attitude and punk music as it is about waves.
One thing is certain: among coastal communities around the world, the art of surfing in all its forms is gaining in popularity and price. Recently in 2011, contemporary artist Raymond Pettibon sold’No Title (But the sand)’ at Christies for US$820,000. From Christies: “In No Title (But the sand…), a wave of gigantic proportions forms a high, sparkling peak against a flat, dark blue ocean without visible ground on the horizon in free fall on the side of the wave, a text is written at the bottom left: “But the sand or clay to which by one or the other process we are reducible are turned to glass and foam. » . This could be translated as “But the sand or clay to which we can reduce by one or the other of the processes is transformed into glass and foam”. That’s what Wikipedia would say if there had been an article…
This is exactly the spirit I wanted to have in my paintings. Whether it is works on windsurfing, jet skiing, or even those of winter sports. To incorporate much more than sport itself, to incorporate the culture that is linked to this sport.


Titre : Hawaii

40 x 40 cm / 15.75 x 15.17 ”

Original painting on canvas. Acrylic
Usualy ships in 5-7 days for Europe and USA , 2 days for France, ships in strong cardboard box.
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Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 3 cm


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