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Offer, offer yourself an original work of art of ski art, skwal art could one say. An original gift idea for a skier, a winter sports fan, for Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas, etc.
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Idea gift for winter sports ::: Original artwork on canvas

Skier on the slope…for this original acrylic painting on canvas. When we talk about original work* in painting it means that there is that a painting like this one.

* A work of art, or an object of art, is an object or an artistic or aesthetic creation. It is usually an element made by an artist.
In particular, a masterpiece was formerly proof of the excellence that the companion had to demonstrate in order to be promoted to the master’s degree in his corporation. Wikipedia
A work of art in the visual arts is a two- or three-dimensional physical object that fulfils an aesthetic function. A unique work of art is often considered in the broader context of an art movement or artistic period. It can also be considered as an element within the artist’s overall work. The term is commonly used by: museums and cultural heritage curators, the interested public, the private sector of the art collecting community and art galleries.

The artist’s word

In my first works on skiing, finally on skwal *. This painting was also exhibited in Val d’Isère a few years ago. I also exhibited it in Méribel and Auron during the 1st snow sports festival.
Skwal is one of the many sliding sports derived from skiing. The board used for this sport is called skwal. It is similar to a snowboard or monoski in that both feet are attached to the same board. The particularity of the skwal position is that the two feet are in front of each other, on a line in the direction of the board. This differs from the position on a snowboard (where the feet are across the direction of the board) and on a monoski (where the feet are side by side). Skwalers and skwalinists are sometimes referred to as “skwalinists”. Unlike the snowboarder, the skweller is facing forward on his board, which brings him closer to the skier’s position. It is therefore a very special sport. Wikipedia

Title: Mister Skwal

Format: 81x65cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

I take maximum care when packing, bubble wrap, reinforced cardboard, so that your paint arrives intact.
Shipping throughout the world possible.

Additional information

Weight 2700 g
Dimensions 81 × 65 × 5 cm


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