Windsurfing gift ideas

My selection of gift ideas for a fan of windsurfing

To discover, my gift ideas, 100% windsurfing art, 100% French touch. Offer an original artwork, a giclee print, a poster about windsurfing. An original gift idea from France, the amazing gift fot Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthday, and more.

Original windsurfing painting

windsurfing painting

“Be original, buy original”.

Offer an artwork from France. I offer several paintings on windsurfing. They are made with acrylic on canvas or paper, sometimes on a thick frame, ready to be exposed.
For example this painting of a windsurfer, a hand on whisbone, in blue and orange ( my favorite colors ). On this artwork you have the title in English,but in Greek letters. (Look) The painting is of course signed by the artist, (myself ;-)). On this painting, I wanted to give a pixelizing effect in a modern composition.
30 x 30 cm / 11.8 x 11.8 ”
Edge : 4,5 cm / 1.7 ”
To see this original windsurfing painting.



Windsurfing giclee print

windsurfing printGiclee prints can also be good gift ideas for a windsurfer. More affordable than an original work, the giclees prints nonetheless offer an exceptional quality of reproduction or one finds the material of the original work. Each giclee print is signed by the artist (still me ;-)).
The format is 33 x 33 cm, printed on watercolor paper. I can ship all over the world. Windsurfing giclee print

Windsurfing art Special offers

In this category you will also be able to find gift ideas for a windsurfer. These are paintings that I realized a number of years ago. Some are my very first paintings, because it was on the theme of windsurfing that I began to paint. You may find your happiness in this section.
Do not hesitate, search, look the gallery is at your disposal.

To View the windsurfing special offers category

You can find in this category some others water sports at very affortable prices.

Do you have a question, you need some information, please contact me.

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