Surf art paintings

Surf art paintings

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the ocean indoors, decorate your home with a surf art painting. Shopping for original surf art paintings is fun and provides plenty of great ideas and inspiration. Not only can surf art be the perfect decor them for your home, but it can also inspire you for your next trip to the ocean.

Surf art puts the beauty of the ocean and nature on display for visitors of one’s home to enjoy. Original surf art paintings are created by artists who love the surf lifestyle and know how to paint it so that viewers experience this love as well. Look at surf paintings and you’ll notice their awe-inspiring aspect of presenting the thrill and experience of the surf.

Surf art for sale

Anyone who’s dealing with a lot of empty space on the walls of their home should consider what surf art can do. Surf art paintings for sale invigorate one’s interior decor with creative scenes and perspectives. Surf art paintings are perhaps among the most lively of any sports art paintings out there.

Though typical surf art paintings for sale are painted with bright colors and often include color contrasts, they can suit a lot of decor schemes because they are often also available in only neutral blue colors. This factor makes it easy to work surf art into one’s interior decor. You can put a surf painting on display that will look right regardless of what style or color scheme you’ve got going on in your room.

You can also choose a surf art painting to meet your size needs. Surf art paintings are often large scale, but they are also available to fit smaller frame sizes depending on the needs of the buyer. The important thing is to spend some time shopping for surf art paintings for sale to find the right image and frame size for your needs.

Original surf art painting

When you’re on the market for original surf art paintings for sale, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most prominent artists in surf art. Original surf artwork doesn’t just look great, but it can also be a good investment if you purchase a work produced by a well known surf artist whose popularity continues to grow.

Surf art remains highly popular through the years. Many people especially enjoy the vintage look when it comes to surf art imagery. Surf art frequently consists of stylized renderings of surfers, surfboards, ocean scenes, and waves. The way artists depict the braking waves is these paintings is always effective at exciting the viewer and giving them the feeling that they’re out on the water themselves.

If you tend to miss the ocean and the beach when you can’t be there in person, decorate your home with surf art. This is one of the best ways to bring your passion for surf into your home.


surf art painting
This original artwork was made in acrylic on canvas, inspiration Kelly Slater.
Titre : Surfing Barcelona
40 x 40 cm / 15.75 x 15.17 ”
Edge : 4,5 cm / 1.7 ”
Original painting on canvas. Acrylic
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surfer painting


To start a little word on surf art: Surf art is a visual art related to surfing, waves and the culture that surrounds the beaches. There is a close link between art and surf culture, which dates back 3000 years in Peru, where some of the world’s first historians carved surfers’ bas-reliefs. However, the intersection of the fields of surfing and art now extends far beyond the art of documenting life. Today, art incorporates graffiti, advertisements and everyday objects, and surfing is as much about clothes, attitude and punk music as it is about waves.

Titre : Hawaii

40 x 40 cm / 15.75 x 15.17 ”

Original painting on canvas. Acrylic

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surf art women


On this painting which was exhibited in Paris at the Galerie Figure. A modern composition with several readings for this surf art painting. On a background with a blue knife, I then placed the different elements of this composition.
Titre : Surf women
Original painting on canvas. Acrylic
27 x 22 cm
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surf boards,palm,and flower surf art on giclee print
Title: GP Surf 4
33 x 33 cm / 13 x 13 ”
Giclée print on watercolor paper
Each giclee print is signed by the artist
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surf art painting


On this painting, it is the complete aspect of surfing that I wanted to illustrate. The surfer of course, but also the scenery, the wave.
During this period, I used only 3 colors: an orange, a blue and a white, if you consider white as a color.
If you enlarge the picture, you will see the wheelbase on the roof to try to render the texture.

This original artwork was made in acrylic on canvas.
Titre : Wave and co
100 x 81 cm / 40 x 32 ”
Original painting on canvas. Acrylic

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